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Worcester, 14 Years Later…

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Worcester, 14 Years Later…

For those of you who don’t much about the fire that happened 14 years ago tonight, or the men who fought and died at it…Take some time tonight to read this article published in July of 2000 by Esquire Magazine and jump on scene that cold night in December 14 years ago. From RIT, to incident pre-planning, to thermal imaging technology, the Worcester Cold Storage Fire was the catalyst for change.

One thing is for certain 14 years later, those 6 heroes did not die in vain…

Firefighter Paul Brotherton
Rescue 1 Firefighter Jeremiah Lucey
Rescue 1 Lieutenant Thomas Spencer
Ladder 2 Firefighter Timothy Jackson
Ladder 2 Firefighter James Lyons
Engine 3 Firefighter Joseph McGuirk

Photo courtesy of MJ Fernandez.

CO or Smoke Alarm? Which One Is Going Off? Click Here for Article

This “Coffee Break Training” provided by FEMA and the U.S. Fire Administration outlines exactly how to tell which alarm is going off. Some great tips to pass along to homeowners who may be calling to say their smoke alarm is going off when in fact it is detecting CO!

To sign up via email for the “Coffee Break Training” click on the following link –>

Poor Man’s Forcible Entry – Courtesy of Central PA’s Bravest

Check out this cheap and effective technique to gaining access into commercial doors with minimal damage!

Photo courtesy of Matt Miles.

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Firefighter Dale Pekel’s YouTube Page!

Covering everything from “Smoke Reading” to “How to Build Training Props”, Dale is a true resource for firefighter knowledge. Check out his videos!

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Great Blog about the fire service by a Lieutenant on Roanoke, Virginia Fire Dept – Rhett Fleitz