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Forget everyone else! Be selfish.

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who cares about what the Lieutenant is doing! Forget about what that probie is doing! The Chief, forget about him too! 

I am telling you, the only person you should care about, is yourself. Be selfish!

Here is how it works…

Next time the rig is a mess? SCBA bottles aren’t full? Forget about everyone else, clean it up and fill them YOURSELF!

Hose has kinks making that stretch hard? Don’t spend time looking for a probie to yell at, go fix them yourself!

Station house sink full of dishes, screw everybody! Get off your ass from the dayroom couch and wash em’ yourself!

Don’t like something? Suggest a solution rather than complaining!

I’m telling you, forget everyone else once in a while and focus on YOU!

If everyone took a minute to become a solution, rather than simply pointing out problems, we would all be better off!


So you want to be a Fireman?

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Too some, a dream. Others, a calling.

Sadly, most will never know. Most could never even imagine the true reality.

I know I could never have imagined it. 8 years. 8 great years. Only a drop in the bucket. Filled with joy. Filled with pain. Filled with feelings of, well, fulfillment!

Extra time given to so many. A child saved, a family rescued from a mangled car, a birth in the back of an ambulance. Wonderful beginnings & countless thank you’s.

And yet, sadly, time seen taken from so many. Tragic endings. Uncontrollable tears. The sounds of bagpipes echoing through a church. The sounds of sirens whaling over the roopftops at night, fading into the distance. Nights spent lying awake pondering if you could have done more…

Most will never know the feelings of joy as I have felt, and thankfully, most will never know the pain.

Through it all, there is a bond that is shared. A sacred bond, an unbreakable bond. The Brotherhood.

To quote a famous Military General, “From this day til the end of the world. We in it shall be remembered…We Few, We Lucky, We Band of Brothers.”

And what a Band of Brothers I have…

I am a Fireman, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Most will never know.