Positive Thinking, In A Time of Negativity…

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Everyone struggles with it, from paid to volunteer, keeping it up is a problem (no pun intended). We have all found ourselves in the middle of morale problem at one time or another. Our actions dictate how ourselves and the members around us will fair in the troubled times. In many cases, blame is directed towards the higher ups of a department, while sometimes true, the larger problem I have found most likely lies within the membership itself as a whole. “You can’t tell me what to do, I am a volunteer!”, “We don’t get fires.”, and my favorite “It’s the Chiefs fault for (INSERT MISC DEPARTMENT PROBLEM HERE).” We have all most likely heard one if not all of these words uttered within the walls of our stations or on scene.

When morale takes a dive, general interest is lost within the department. Members no longer want to train, make calls, help out at fund raisers, or even hang around the station in their free time.  By becoming a positive agent of change, even the newest members can boost morale with a positive outlook. Show up to training, help out at fundraisers, ask questions, share knowledge, and most of all, have fun! Instead of bickering and Monday morning quarterbacking everything, give some constructive criticism. The swim upstream may be very tough, but it will feel very rewarding when you start to see your fellow brothers & sisters morale improve because of your actions!

  1. jim says:

    Adam, you are so right, its very easy to get caught up in the everyday BS and Drama that happens in every Department today. Hell, I find myself getting caught up in it all too often. One problem I see today, was stated by the oldest member we had in our company who passed away at the age of 90. The night we honored him for his long time service he got up and told us all, and I quote ” You have to continue to do things together, be it a game of cards, going out for a couple of cocktails when off duty, or just sitting down together and breaking bread”. Bill Head’s words are so very true today, in our busy lives, we forget to just stop and smell the roses so to speak and spend time with our family whether its the family at home or the family we have at the stations.

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