Joseph Juhnke’s Augmented Reality SCBA Mask – Bionic Vision for Firefighters

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Pretty Amazing Technology Being Tested!

The World of Firefighting

Tanagram Partners is (or was, I should say) a high-tech company based in Chicago, dedicated to innovating, designing, and building human computer interactions for products you use everyday. Recently the company has been forced to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, however, in its final years Tanagram’s President and CEO, Joseph Juhnke, was on the path to developing something that would forever change the fire fighting industry.

It’s called the Augmented Reality SCBA Mask and it hasn’t gone down with its ship. In other words, this technology (although envisioned and developed with Tanagram Partners) has been carried on to NovemberKiloEcho, or NKE, Inc.

NKE, Inc. is another technology-based company founded by Joseph Juhnke (the past President and CEO of Tanagram, Inc.) who conducts their research and development of products under government grants – the company will continue to develop the Augmented Realtiy Mask.

The mask itself, originally designed and created by Joeseph Juhnke, uses augmented reality or synthetic vision

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